//Ahhh, oh dear. I know this is very short notice, but I’m leaving today and I won’t be back until August 17th. I won’t have internet access or phone access in the middle of nowhere where I’ll be at.


That being said, feel free to look through my blog and maybe send memes or bother Verelan with anons and I will see them all when I get back.

You are all great. Thank you. :)

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"You must have been born on a highway cuz thats where most accidents happen!"
"If you were twice as smart, you'd still be stupid."
"We all sprang from apes, but you didn't spring far enough."
"You're a person of rare intelligence. It's rare when you show any."
"I'd like to see things from your point of view, but I can't get my head that far up my a**."
"I don't exactly hate you, but if you were on fire and I had water, I'd drink it."
"I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and crap out a smarter comeback than what you just said..."
"You only annoy me when you're breathing."
"It's kinda sad watching you attempt to fit your entire vocabulary into a sentence."
"Shock me, say something intelligent."
"You didn't fall out of the stupid tree. You got drug through dumba** forest."
"So, a thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long and lonely journey."
"The only thing that goes erect when I'm near you is my middle finger."
"I'll never forget the first time we met, although I'll keep trying."
"If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person on earth."
"If you are going to be two faced, at least make one of them pretty."
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oldsoulyoungatheart :

I’ll generate a number and my muse will react to your muse telling them something they probably don’t want to hear.

5- “On a scale from 1-10, how freaked out would you be if I possibly was about a week or two late?

A moderately confused expression crossed Verelan’s face. What does she mean by that? And… why would it make me ‘freak out’? she wondered.

"That… would highly depend on what exactly you mean by late…" she said cautiously, paraphrasing her own thoughts. "Do you mean late as in late to a meeting or….?" she trailed off.

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x//Oh dear. xoldsoulyoungatheart


I’ll generate a number and my muse will react to your muse telling them something they probably don’t want to hear.

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"Huuuuulk, make me a sandwich."
"With great power comes great responsibility."
"Okay... This looks bad."
"Don't you lady me, son."
"Did you ever think that to the nuts inside, the peanut is like their whole universe?"
"I'm the best at what I do, what I do just isn't very nice"
"There is no good or evil, there is only DOOM."
"We're sickening, yeah?"
"... Well when you say it like that it sounds stupid."
"For Midgard!"
"Instincts bad."
"I'm not Daredevil."
"I've got big powers."
"Blam! Murdered you!"
"You have the army after you and no health and you're falling out of a crashing plane. It's a bass fishing simulator, [name]."
"Why does everyone say my name like it means shut up?"
"The whole world is watching us now. We must be nothing less than fabulous."
"Calm down. You get so uptight about your bodily fluids..."
"Sweet Christmas."
"We have to stop us. How can we stop us?"
"No one steal my flerken cat!"
"My past is my own."
"Face it, Tiger... You just hit the jackpot."
"You were always a superhero."
"I'm done."
"I feel like a character in an Ian Fleming novel."
" I hate a bureaucrat with delusions of adequacy."
"Was ever maiden faced with problem such as this?"
"You know there's nothing casual about a guy muttering "casual" to himself over and over, right?"
"For once I am at a loss of words."
"My bad luck powers . . . they're gone!"
"One scientific mishap, and hours later I'm sewing a costume."
"I was born careful."
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If we kissed?

[] Quickie.
[] Tongue.
[] Softly bite your lip.
[] We wouldn’t.
[] Long and meaningful.
[] Let’s hit up the bedroom.
[] You remember last time?
[] Awkward…
[] Lol no.

Would I go out with you?
[] Yes, definitely.
[] No.
[] I want to, but it wouldn’t work.
[] Maybe. 
[] Nope, you’re like family.
[] You’re cute, but probably not.
[] Just simply not my type.
[] If I knew you better.
[] Already did.
[] I don’t know.

If we took a picture together, we’d be…
[] Hugging each other.
[] Just chilling.
[] Holding hands.
[] Kissing.
[] Acting dumb.
[] Normal picture.
[] You holding me from behind.

You are…
[] Cute/Pretty.
[] Good looking.
[] Sexy.
[] All of the above 

You + me + room = …
[] Movies.
[] Cuddling.
[] Hanging out.
[] Kissing.
[] Playing games.
[] Everything.
[] Wouldn’t let you in.

You should…
[] Hit me up.
[] Be mine.
[] Marry me.
[] Reblog this so I can send you a heart.
[] be studying

If we got married, I’d…
[] Divorce you.
[] Make kids.
[] Take your money and bounce.
[] Smash every day.
[] I would cheat on you.
[] Be faithful.
[] Kill you in your sleep 
[] We wouldn’t

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Jambiya Dagger 

  • Dated: 18th–19th century
  • Culture: Persian
  • Medium: steel, crystal, gold
  • Measurements: H. 13 3/16 in. (33.5 cm); H. of blade 8 3/4 in. (22.2 cm); W. 2 1/2 in. (6.4 cm); Wt. 11.6 oz. (328.9 g)

Source: Copyright © 2014 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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by Point Seven Photos (Eric Eggly)


by Point Seven Photos (Eric Eggly)
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Me: sees open on dash
Me: scrolls past
Me: scrolls back
Me: pushes reblog
Me: stares at it
Me: sighs and pushes 'cancel'
Me: likes it instead
Me: cries and scrolls away
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xoutofelememts x//Literally the mun


  • ❝I was hoping you would have like a gnarly scar. Add character… And mystery.
  • ❝You’re slutty, not easy. There’s a difference, semantically.❞
  • ❝Oh I just want to put her in a bag of rocks and drop her in the river.❞
  • ❝I’m all about giving. I’m like a bean-flicking Mother Teresa.❞
  • ❝Seriously, enough clitorference.❞
  • ❝If grateful paid the bills, we’d all be fuckin’ Bill Gates!❞
  • ❝I spent a lot of time wondering if it would matter if I died.❞
  • ❝The system’s fucked.❞
  • ❝Do not defend your boner to me right now!❞
  • ❝This one got away, but I swear to you I will die before I see that happen again. I will keep you safe.❞
  • ❝I’m feeling some sapphic vibes comin’ off you.❞
  • ❝Why did you take us to a gay bath house?❞
  • ❝You know I can promise you that I’ve never been saner than I am right now.❞
  • ❝I have mastered the art of shutting people off.❞
  • ❝I made her come vaginally. Do you even know how hard that is to do? My point is…I don’t even know what my point is anymore.❞
  • ❝You live on a slippery slope, kid, but for some reason you keep doing rain dances. Good luck.❞
  • ❝I think I’ve moved beyond stress to something more deeply disturbing.❞
  • ❝I love you and I fucking hate you.❞
  • ❝Why do you always feel so inevitable to me?❞
  • ❝Lesbian request denied.❞
  • ❝That’s what love is like       it’s like coming home.❞
  • ❝You got some fucked up priorities.❞
  • ❝It’s not like I’m exactly overwhelmed with the possibilities.❞
  • ❝Too hetero?❞
  • ❝You’re supposed to be my family.❞
  • ❝I always miss you until you’re here.❞
  • ❝Don’t you fucking leave me.❞
  • ❝Were you trying to pimp me out?❞
  • ❝You know, another layer of icing on a shit cake does not make it taste good.❞
  • ❝Oh, so here’s the thing     no.❞
  • ❝Adventure is just hardship with an inflated sense of self.❞
  • ❝No, this is divine retribution.❞
  • ❝Do not project your conscience onto me.❞
  • ❝I will fuck you. Literally.❞
  • ❝I heart you.❞
  • ❝You don’t just turn gay, you fall somewhere on a spectrum, like a Kinsey scale.❞
  • ❝I would like to stress that I think this is truly fuckin’ stupid.
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  • Is that my jacket?
  • Are you wearing space pants? Because your butt is outta this world!
  • You shouldn’t have called the police.
  • You liar!
  • What’s the worst that could happen?
  • Stay back!
  • Put that down.
  • I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.
  • It’s not my fault they escaped!
  • You forgot to buy the biscuits.
  • Your feet smell.
  • Oh, this looks expensive! …Oops.
  • I bought a cat.
  • You need to leave.
  • Why did you do that?
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do not say anything. say nothing. at all. until this cup has been emptied twice. nothing.



do not say anything. say nothing. at all. until this cup has been emptied twice. nothing.


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xEzri Dax x//DAWW
bajorantwins :
❝I spent a lot of time wondering if it would matter if I died.❞



"The universe would miss you, regardless of how insignificant you feel. Do you need help?"

Nalas laughed, “when I thought it no one would’ve cared trust me.”

Verelan’s fingers laced together. She was keenly aware that this was more of a delicate situation than what could normally considered a conversation. “Many people find that those who care most were unknown to them. I am here speaking to you now, and if I heard a day or so from now that you had died, I would most certainly care.”

Without even a pause for breath, the Romulan glossed back to her original question. “Do you need help? Someone to converse with, perhaps…”

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xbajorantwins xtw: thoughts of suicide
daughterofromulus :
"Ah, gravity - thou art a heartless b*tch."

             ”I hope you were not too badly injured?”

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